30 Years of Louisiana Flavors and Cooking

Bourque's Cajun Secret Seasoning is 10 years of dedicated mixing and experimenting to conceptualize our very own southern Louisiana flavors. For 30 years we've cooked our way to some of the finest savory flavors in cajun food and finally arrived at a seasoning that will add a unique blend of spices to your food and a hurricane of flavor to your plate. As a "Certified Cajun Product of Louisiana" we only use the best ingredients grown and produced in our home of Southern Louisiana. Taste the years of tradition with a pop of modern flare.

A Bold Taste

Try Bourque's Cajun Secret Seasoning

Our bold seasoning is blended with 23 unique Louisiana produced flavors, and each is measured to perfection. Before we decided to package our secret blend, we put it to the test. We've put our Bourque's Cajun Secret Seasoning in everything from gumbo and jambalaya competitions to regular family dinners and lunches to ensure an award winning taste to make your taste buds dance.

Our flavors are granulated rather than ground and provide you with a bolder more natural flavoring and desirable savor. Our passion and joy is preparing the very best in southern cuisine for you and your family. Add our special blend to a variety of foods to bring out the kick and get ready to let your family and friends know, the secret is out!

Experience Bourque's Cajun Secret Seasoning

We're Selling Our Secret

Currently, our Bourque's Cajun Secret Seasoning is being sold in 15 grocers in the Lafayette, LA area and a local catering company uses our seasoning exclusively in all of their cooking.

If you're looking for a hurricane of flavor, look no further than your backyard. All of our product is American made and exclusively produced in Louisiana. Call us for additional questions or to place your order today!

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